What is TORUN?
TORUN is TOYA Paper's patented 100% natural health product manufactured in Japan which uses a unique mixture of natural minerals (Tourmaline and Zeolite). This unique mixture produces high levels of Negative Ions and Far-Infrared Rays(FIR) which are known to be highly beneficial to health.

Negative Ions
Negative Ions are also called "vitamins of the air" which have the effect of vitalizing body cells, increasing energy levels, cleansing blood, strengthening immune system and reducing abnormalities in autonomic nervous system.

Far-Infrared Rays (FIR)
Far-Infrared rays can penetrate deeply into human skin and body tissues to increase blood circulation. FIR treatments are commonly used in hospitals to treat soft tissue injuries, muscle stiffness & pain, arthritis, hepatitis, insomnia, constipation, etc...

Tourmaline emmits Far-Infrared Rays and Negative Ions especially under certain heat and under friction.

Zeolite is known as boiling stone and it is the only natural stone which has ion changing capability.

From TOYA Paper's own research, it is found that when Tourmaline is mixed with Zeolite, high levels of Negative Ions and Far-infrared Rays are produced. TORUN is the only product which uses this unique composition of minerals.
(Manufacturer's patent)
TORUN's uniqueness
Compared with other Tourmaline products in the market, TORUN¡¦s unique
composition of Tourmaline and Zeolite (patented formula) inside the
the silicon tube is capable of producing high levels of Negative Ions and
Far-infrared Rays. TORUN is not only 100% natural but ideal in terms of bringing out the best qualities in the two natural minerals.
For Tourmaline and Zeolite to emit high levels of Negative Ions and Far-Infrared Rays, it is very important to satisfy all of these 3 conditions (Air, Frictions and Heat).