Tourmaline, Zeolite, Silicon, Polycarbonate
Violet, Green, Pink
SS length: 19~25cm
S length: 25~35cm
M length: 35~45cm
L length: 45~55cm
Major effects:
Negative Ions & Far-Infrared Rays
Specially designed to improve your pet's health. A Pet lover's survey indicated that since their pets have become much healthier.

1. Mixture of Tourmaline and Zeolite ( Only TORUN - Manufacture's patent) produce high level Negative Ions and Far-Infrared Rays which will benefit your pets' health.
2. From our manufacturer's survey conducted over 120 dogs and 120 cats, over 50% of owners found the improvement of their pets' health even their pets were in healthy conditions
Expected health benefits (from the survey)
Their pets have:
- become more relaxed & calm
- become healthier
- better appetite
- been sleeping better
- shinier hair
- skin irritations no more




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Name: Xie Paopao
Age: 8
Gender: Male
@  Our little dog started wearing TORUN PET from May this year.
 He is already 7 years old and now he is considered as an old
 dog, so I wanted to get him a health product for him. To my  
 surprise,  after a month since he started wearing TORUN PET, his 
 smell got much less and lighter. Originally under warm and humid
 weather, he easily gets skin problem but he kept it well too. I am 
 really pleased with this unexpected result!
 A few days after washing him,  I don't hear others saying that his
 smell is bad anymore. After using TORUN PET, I can keep him
 clean for certain period of time.
 Our family treasure Paopao became such a lovable dog!!

Name: Jing Xiaobao 
Age: 6  
Gender: Male

@  I bought TORUN PET to take care of Xiaobao's health. He doesn't 
 have any health problem but since he started wearing TORUN PET,
 I found these changes.

 1. When I come home from work, he turns his body with his belly up
     and wait till I touch his belly.
 2. Amount of water he drinks has been increased.

 Xiaobao is a cat who doesn't like drinking water. My mother has 
 been trying to find the way to have him drink more water but never
 found a way till we used TORUN PET. The other day, my mother
 took TORUN PET off from him and he stopped drinking water again,
 then when I put it back on again, he started drinking more water
                                                                                 Ms. Li (Taiwan)
Name: Momo
 Age: 6
 Gender: Male

@  Mar - Apr, 2007 Momo suddenly started massaging action  http://www.im.tv/VLOG/Personal/500523/1649097
 It was very intense and I couldn't stop him. He does this 4-5 times a 
 day and I couldn't stop him at all. Things like this never happened
 We decided to take him to the vet and the vet said reason  for his a
 action is due to Momo's anxiety. We decided to buy him a TORUN 
 PET and after a few days, he completely stopped this action. 
  Now we rarely see Momo doing this. (Only once in a while)

Name: Li Xiaopi
Age: 16
Gender: Male

 Feb - Jul, 2007 Xiaopi's renal disease, his BUN index increased and he lost his appetite. Because of this, he had to spend some time in
 the beterinary clinic and being treated 3 times there. When he was
 released from the clinic, the vet's wife gave him a TORUN PET. He
 has been wearing it since then. Xiaopi's health condition has been
 good and I believe TORUN PET is one of the reasons for his good 
 health.       Nancy (Owner)                    

@ Other testimonials

"Our cat had been struggling with static electricity from several days ago and I found this product and bought it for him. After a few days since he started wearing TORUN PET, it seems much better. I hope this Negative Ion function will help reduce his stress too"
@ "I thought TORUN PET's effects are a little bit doubtful but it works! My pet's hair condition is much better!!"
@ "By giving this to my friend's pet who is suffering from illness, my friend really appreciated it"

- Please do not secure TORUN PET onto yourpet too tightly.
- TORUN PET is water resistant however please do not soak TORUN
  PET in hot water.
- Please do not use TORUN PET as collar to tie pet rope.
- Please keep TORUN PET away from children.
- When the mineral powder inside TORUN PET solidifies, its is ideal
   to purchase a new TORUN PET.