Why do TORUN loop products produce more negative ions?

In recent years, the contribution of Negative Ions to health is becoming an established theory. Many major electrical appliance makers are introducing more and more Negative Ion related products to the market. However, there are a number of people who question on the effectiveness of Negative Ion products. TOYA Paper Co., Ltd, manufacturer of TORUN products, conducted an extensive research on negative ions with the use of a negative ion counter (Andes electric's ITC-201).

*Data found below is for reference only

Research No. 1
Items   Stillness Horizontal vibration Stirring
(Ref) Water fall Average
5,000 (measured at 10m distance from the water fall)
(Ref) Forest Average
2,500 (measured in the forest)
Tourmaline Maximum
Tourmaline powder 40g Average
Zeolite Maximum
Zeolite powder 40g Average
Tourmaline + Zeolite
Used in TORUN series
Tourmaline powder + Zeolite powder (40g each)
Used in TORUN series
Research conducted by TOYA Paper: Unit: pcs/cm2)
More negative ions are produced when Tourmaline and Zeolite are mixed!
Result 1
More negative ions are produced by mixing Tourmaline and Zeolite.
Result 2
By stirring Tourmaline and Zeolite (more friction), more negative ions are produced.

Left: Black tourmaline
Right: Zeolite
Centre: Powder of 2 minerals

TORUN loop section
Black tourmaline and Zeolite minerals stirred well in the tube produces more negative ions

Research No. 2
Items 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Average
Tourmaline 350 700 400 860 800 633
Tourmaline + Zeolite 8,530 10,310 19,420 18,090 12,800 13,733
TORUN Ring 130 70 7,330 5,900 12,100 4,453
TORUN Loop 1,420 1,790 7,680 7,330 4,680 4,600
Research conducted by TOYA Paper: UnitGpcs/cm2
The above figures indicate the number of negative ions produced in one minute.
Tourmaline, Tourmaline + Zeolite were mixed in a container.
TORUN Ring and TORUN loop were shaken in front of the negative ion counters.
Research No. 2 shows that the number of Negative Ions produced by Tourmaline was only 633 (pcs/cm2) but by mixing Zeolite with tourmaline, the number increased to 13,733. TORUN products are made up of Tourmaline and Zeolite. The composition found in TORUN products of Tourmaline and Zeolite is patented to the manufacture of TORUN products.
Comparison in 4 categories:
TORUN loop series VS Ordinary Tourmaline silicon bands

Comparison of TORUN loop series and other tourmaline products in the market
Almost 80% of customers are satisfied with TORUN loop series!!
  TORUN loop series Other products with tourmaline kneaded into the silicon bands
Material used Silicon rubber Silicon rubber
Black Tourmaline (Electric stone) Tourmaline (Electric stone)
Zeolite (Boiling stone) Special Ceramic
Composition Black Tourmaline and Zeolite minerals are grinded into 3 to 5 micron powders (1/1000mm) and filled into the silicon tube. Inside the TORUN product, these two minerals are rubbed against each other thus, producing a large number of negative ions and high far infrared. This technology is patented to our company and other companies cannot imitate our products. Inside the ordinary Tourmaline silicon bands, only 0.5% of the silicon bands consist of Tourmaline minerals.
Results Produce large number of negative ions
High radiation of far infrared
80% of users are satisfied

Produce few negative ions
Low radiation of far infrared
Very low satisfaction
Water resistant Water proof Non-water proof
Far infrared effects comparison
Materials Far infrared radiation (%)
Glass 81.7
Bincho Coal 82.0
Sulfur stone 86.0
Bakuhan stone 78.0
Zeolite 91.0
Tourmaline 92.4
Tourmaline + Zeolite = TORUN products 93.6
Tested by Shimane industrial technology centre, June 2003
Far infrared radiation comparison chart
TORUN before and after use
Comparison in the minerals before and after use.
Natural minerals inside of TORUN absorb toxins from human body.
A: Minerals inside of TORUN when it's new (Left) and B: Minerals inside of TORUN after several months of usage (Right) TORUN when it's new (Left)
TORUN after several months of usage (Right)
  Nitrogen Carbon Hydrogen

A: Powder
(Dry -Smooth)

0.01wt% 1.99wt% 0.35wt%
B: Powder
(Tar - Sticky)
0.04wt% 12.81wt% 1.59wt%
Tested by Shimane industrial technology centre (This data is for reference only)

All the substances found in B doesn't exist in the air nor human sweat and from the research, it's proven that they were the toxins absorbed from human body.