1. How long will TORUN SHEET last?

TORUN SHEET's effect will last for a lifetime however TORUN SHEET may need to be replaced due to wear and tear. In case TORUN SHEET is ripped which may happen after 3 to 6 months, it can be used for other purposes.


2. Can we use TORUN SHEET with existing bed sheet?

Yes, but we suggest you sleep on TORUN SHEET directly for better effects. But if you find TORUN SHEET too warm or too uncomfortable, you may use TORUN SHEET under your existing bed sheet.


3. Do you have bigger size of TORUN SHEET?

At this stage, we only have single bed size (98cm x 230cm) but we are considering to produce bigger size if there are many requests from the users. We are already conducting some tests for strength of bigger size TORUN SHEET.


4. Can you TORUN SHEET use with electric blanket?

Yes, it's no problem.


5. Can we use TORUN SHEET for babies?

Yes. TORUN SHEET uses 100% natural material and it's safe for babies to use too.


6. I feel like TORUN SHEET's effects are getting less after a couple of months?

TORUN SHEET's effect can last for a lifetime.
But if you feel like TORUN SHEET is not working after a period of time, place it under the sun for several hours to increase TORUN SHEET's effect.


7. I feel uncomfortable not washing TORUN SHEET for long time. What should I do?

TORUN SHEET is anti virus, odour protection and stain protection, therefore you do not need to wash TORUN SHEET but if you find it uncomfortable, we suggest using TORUN SHEET under your existing bed sheet. This will also help your mattress to stay cleaner.


1. How long will PC TORUN last?

We recommend that you replace PC-TORUN when the mineral powder starts to congeal in the tube (your PC-TORUN looks much darker in color as well). The silicon tube is breathable; it contains nanoholes that allow negative ions and Far-Infrared Rays to be emitted. At the same time, through the same tiny holes, the tube also absorbs toxins and waste materials that have been eliminated through your skin. Normally, the mineral powder won't start to congeal for approximately 1-2 years, although some people may need to replace their PC-TORUN product within six months after purchasing it. It really depends on how much and how fast your body detoxifies through the skin.


2. Can we take shower with wearing PC TORUN?

PC TORUN is water resistant but not water protection. Please do not wear PC TORUN when you are in shower nor in sauna. You may wash PC-TORUN in cold water.


3. How long can I use PC TORUN a day?

You can use PC TORUN 24 hours a day but please do not wear them in shower or in sauna.


4. Is it better to use PC TORUN BRACELET & NECKLACE together?

Even wearing one item, you will feel the difference but we recommend usage of PC-TORUN BRACELET and PC-TORUN NECKLACE together for better health benefits.


5. How do I know the time to change PC TORUN?

When the mineral powder inside TORUN solidifies, it is time to purchase a new PC TORUN.
TORUN originally has no smell but because minerals inside of the TORUN gradually absorbs toxins from our body, TORUN may have slight charcoal like smell. When you touch TORUN, you will not feel any powders inside, instead, you feel that inside is hard or minerals stuck together.

New TORUN (left) Solidified TORUN(centre) Solidified TORUN inside (right)

6. What's the difference with other health bracelet?
7. By wearing PC TORUN, I feel like I have a little pain. Why?

PC TORUN stimulates your body to improve its health condition and as a process there are some users mentioned that they feel some pain but eventually as body condition improves, the pain will disappear. Please note that it's one of the signs that PC TORUN is working for your body.


8. How do we know PC TORUN is working?
1. How long will TORUN PET last?

It usually lasts about 1.5 to 2 years.


2. Is TORUN PET water proof?

TORUN PET is water protection however please do not soak in hot water.
You may wash TORUN PET in cold water.


3. Can I use TORUN PET to replace pet collar?

TORUN PET is a health product and not a pet collar to tie to pet rope. Please do not use TORUN PET to tie to pet rope.


4. If my pet eats TORUN PET by accident, is it dangerous?

TORUN PET's mineral is 100% natural and also tube is silicon tube which is widely used in medical industry. There are some cases reported but there are no reports on damages caused on pet's health since we started selling TORUN PET past few years.